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Pic-Ha Pad on EQUIFOR

Pic-Ha Pad


Designed to go under your existing driving saddle or long reining pad, that often come in a ‘one size fits all’ design, to fit your horse or pony perfectly, spreading the load evenly.

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Winner in the innovation class for ‘Totally New Products’ at the BETA International Trade Fair 2018

Described by the judges as “a very innovative product that is easy to use and adjust, boasting great quality and craftsmanship”

Designed to go under your existing driving saddle or long reining pad, that often come in a ‘one size fits all’ design, to fit your horse or pony perfectly, spreading the load evenly.

Visit the Pic-Ha Pad website for more information.

Designed to be an addition to your existing harness.

Every driver would like a special connection with their horse built on trust. This should be built on their horse’s welfare  and correctly fitting comfortable harness. As every horse regularly changes shape with their fitness,diet and maturity, their driving saddle too should be able to adapt to meet the changing needs.

The pic-ha pad allows this to happen. It is a pad designed to fit under your driving saddle or long reining pad,with 5 easy to change gullet plate options.

The driving saddle is then placed on top of the Pic-ha pad and clipped into place with a simple webbing and easy tighten system.

This means that any driving saddle that you use can be easily fitted, with a Pic-ha pad, to fit correctly with maximum comfort for your horse.

The panels can also be easily re-flocked by your saddler, so meeting all of your animals needs.

Whether a serious competitor,or simply a pleasure driver, choose the

Pic-ha pad easy change system to put your horse’s comfort first and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the pad offers a fully adjustable system and capable of meeting all your horse’s needs

Fitting Instructions

  1. Unscrew top two screws on either side of pad, this will release panels on either side
  2. Slide the front of the tree up out of the front pocket , then slide the  tree forward out of back pocket
  3. Repeat on other side
  4. Turn pad  over and peel back velcro cover to show the gullet plate
  5. Undo the screws on either side to remove gullet plate
  6. Select gullet plate required,make sure its right way round and attach  one side. then either squash tree in or adjust out to attach second screw making sure plate is behind retainer points
  7. Replace the leather cover
  8. Attach the panels, the back pocket first, then the front, offer the guide tube for the screw on the panel to the hole above and replace the screw.

Repeat on other side. Do not force screw in or over tighten


Please contact us for shipping rates to Europe and Rest of the World.


Manufactured by Horsekraft Equestrian

Additional information


Full, Cob, Pony


  1. Polly2017

    From Deborah Burns via Facebook

    Love our PicHa Pad. He’s moving positively and forward in gear I never knew he had and accepting contact beautifully! Wither clearance had been an issue for me with many driving saddles, no such worries now, and he’s clearly happier in his work.

  2. Polly2017

    From Jackie Herd via Facebook

    I was so impressed with the results I bought one for my friend!

  3. Polly2017

    From Rosemary Neale via Facebook

    Just to say I was enormously impressed with the difference in the way Sebastian went with the Pic-ha pad. Sceptical at first (you know me!) the difference in his way of going was immediate and huge! He was softer, able to stretch through his back, accepted the contact freely and willingly and went forward so much better. Martin and I are passionate about correct saddle fit and this does the same thing for the driving horse or pony. Well done Paul Chambers and Martin Wilkinson.

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