Routes & Maps

Our aim is to bring back to life a wealth of driving routes

To all our carriage driving friends, this page is set up to allow Carriage drivers and Horse riders to record, save and share carriage driving routes from around the country all in one location.

 We we would to thank the following for there contributions to set the ball rolling and of course IN HARNESS  magazine for there commitment to write up a drive each month to show the driving community the routes available to them.
We  want to record and save as many routes, & Green Lanes as possible before they are lost forever, this can only be done with your help and support.  If you would like to discuss rights of way with the BHS please contact Gail Johnson.
If you would like to add your own local routes please submit your route below

We cannot do this on our own and need your help!

Please send us your routes by following the link below:

Carriage Driving Routes


At time of uploading all routes are correct ,but we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of mapping  or condition of said routes.
Points to remember :
  • Check with local authorities or Forrestry Commission if permits are required or keys needed and that all tracks are open.
  • Always take an appropriate OS map and if using OS app on your mobile phone that it is fully charged.
  • If possible always tell a third party where you plan to go , just in case someone needs to find you.
Enjoy your drive!